Childbirth isn’t just a physical process. It has an emotional and spiritual side as well—and medical studies show that how a woman feels about a birth can directly affect her own health and her baby’s.

Here’s the help you need to have a healthy, joyous birth - whether you choose to have a doula with you or not.

"Doulas’ Guide to Birthing Your Way contains a wealth of information for pregnant women and their partners.” From the foreward written by John M Kennell, MD Pediatrician, co-author of Bonding and The Doula Book


Doulas’ Guide to Birthing Your Way is written for you, the mother, and your doula if you have one. It will lead you step by step through the birth process, so you’ll know what to expect. Whether this is your first child or you are an experienced mother, this new book will be your guide to giving birth your way.

Giving birth is something you’ll remember the rest of your life. Knowing what to expect and having a birth vision will help you take control of your birth and make educated decisions should the need arise.

Co-authors Jan S. Mallak + Teresa F. Bailey  |  Contact Teresa  |  Contact Jan  |  visit Heart & Hands Doula SMService website
Teresa F. Bailey, J.D., M.L.S., CD(DONA), LLL leader, is a lawyer who has worked for a decade as a doula in Pittsburgh. She works closely with Jan Mallak in “Heart & Hands”SM Doula Service. In addition to her doctorate in law and her doula training, she has a master’s degree in library science and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and mathematics. She is also a leader in La Leche League, the international breastfeeding support organization. Her unique combination of skills gives her a different perspective on her work from what most doulas can offer. As a lawyer who gave up her law career to work as a doula, she brings a single-minded dedication to her work that shows through in everything she writes. She lives in inner-city Pittsburgh with her husband Christopher and their 9 year old son, Simon. Bio Jan S. Mallak, 2LAS, ICCE-CD-CPD-IAT, CD-PCD(DONA), CPD(CAPPA) has over 30 years in the baby business. She is an internationally certified childbirth educator and is certified as a birth and postpartum doula by several professional organizations. Jan is also a DONA approved birth doula trainer and has been a trainer for CAPPA in the past. Jan is a newly approved trainer for ICEA and plans to make Pittsburgh an ICEA training center. She is also the founder and coordinator of “Heart & Hands”SM Doula Service, which is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive doula agency in Western Pennsylvania. Jan has been published many times, is a well known speaker, provides birth consulting and is also an artist. She is lovingly supported by her husband Frank, grown children and her first grandchild, Zeev.